ClickObjects introduces Fixed-time, Fixed-price model for website services

AUGUST 15 2017 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — ClickObjects, an innovative provider of e-business professional services, today announced a new model for delivering better results for customers of website and mobile app development services.

Typically, when custom website development work is required, the providers charge per-hour and this gives them less incentive to deliver on time and more incentive to take longer. In addition, current providers may change pricing when it is discovered that more intricate detailed work is required.

Under the new model, ClickObjects offers a fixed price for materials and labor, and guarantees a delivery date. Clients will also have the option to lower the initial cost of production in exchange for a percentage of future revenue. In this model, all prices and time-frames are fixed and determined at signing.

“What this means for our clients is we have no incentive to let schedules slide, and every incentive to reveal total costs,” said Paul Telles, founder of ClickObjects. “We assume responsibility for meeting our web design commitments on time and on budget. And with the performance pricing option, we align our fees with the results our clients receive, sharing in both the risk and the reward.”