Strategic planning & Execution

Your business can only grow reliably when you have a multi-tiered and goal-oriented strategy in place. If done correctly-- only time, patience, and experience will turn into a winning strategy.

When you choose ClickObjects manage your online marketing, you can continue to focus on producing your best possible work, allowing us execute your business growth strategy.

Audience Identity | Robust Roadmap | Success Metrics | Flexible Action Steps | Accountability | Timeline

A clear vision and a step-by-step guide to get there. Included with each service listed below.

Paid advertising

Developing a good paid advertising campaign that delivers more clicks takes time, knowledge, and extensive testing. Our testing labs are designed to maximize and stretch your ad dollar using our own in-house ad network and Strategic Formula.

You could manage this yourself and throw money at it until something finally works. But when ClickObjects can step in to create and/or manage your ad campaign, we bring with us the power of our in-house ad network and our Strategic Formula.

Keyword Research | Ad Copy | Tracking | Location Targeting | Ad Scheduling | Ad Placement | Site Links & Extensions

Bottom line… Your ads will continuously lower your cost per client acquisition. From $199


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you depend on web/online to for customer acquisition, then your SEO needs to stand the test of time with a rock-solid foundation.

With professional SEO from ClickObjects, you can add other marketing channels with lower risk and greater flexibility. Only ClickObjects SEO can build your online presence for long-term success.

Targeted by Keyword | Onsite Optimization | Quality Page Content | High-Quality Link Building/Acquisition

Bottom line… You get set up for predictable, reliable website traffic growth.

Social Media

Create a Facebook page, Tweet a few wise words, surely the customers will come, right? No. That is not how it works. Not at all.

ClickObjects can build out your professional social media marketing strategy, we ask you and research ourselves about who your target audience is, where they spend their online time, and what types of message you want to deliver. We are strategic about it, and over time have developed a winning method for many business types.

Final word… Your social media will increase website traffic, boost conversions, raise brand awareness, and improve interaction with your customers.


Web Design & Development

Your website is likely to be the first line of communication between you and your potential customers.

In the increasingly competitive field of developing an online presence for your business, ClickObjects pride ourselves on designing and developing standout websites based on the following criteria:

Easy to read & navigate | Engaging content | Brand consistency | Professional SEO | Speed optimization | Strong CTA

In closing… Anyone visiting your site will stay there longer, read more content, and take more action. You’ll hear from them soon.

Email marketing

It's a fact almost 95% of your customers will not buy your product or service at first offer.

With a strong email marketing campaign based on our proven strategies, at least 60% of them will join your list and will eventually make a purchase. In short, the right managed email marketing can literally transform your business.

ClickObjects email campaigns are based on the four pillars of email marketing.

Clearly defined goal | Type-match email | Tech stack up | Split-testing

P.S… There’s nothing quite like the feeling of clicking ‘send’ on an email campaign and watching the revenue come in almost immediately!


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